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Making Lives Better By Placing Healthy English and French Bulldog Puppies Into Happy Homes. Fetch Your New Best Friend from the most trusted service for connecting Bulldogs lovers nationwide with a responsible breeder and aim to improve the life of each puppy, breeder and owner who joins our family. We are constantly looking to breed the perfect bulldog with great quality, health and temperament

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Thinking about adding a new member to your family, our English Bulldog and French Bulldog Puppies will make great companions. Our bulldogs are loving, friendly and intelligent dogs who make great family pets. We pride ourselves in offering reputable French bulldog for sale and English bulldog puppies for sale with great pedigree. We have a great deal of experience with these sweet and gentle dogs. They are commonly used as family pets, but have also been featured in movies and other media.

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When you choose BigBulldogs.com, you benefit from our decades of experience as well as our consulting for the life of your baby. We test all of our potential parents & only select the highest quality for breeding to alleviate potential for blatant genetic issues in future offspring.

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Key facts About English Bulldogs

Our English Bulldogs for sale  are very distinct from the other breeds of bulldogs and are the more prevalent breed. These sturdy, muscular dogs have a cute waddle walk that directly results from their short, stubby legs. The English bulldog also has a flat-looking face, dark and low set eyes, massive and broad jaws, and fleshy cheeks and lips that give it that signature pouty and droopy look. Its short neck, thick shoulders, and barreled chest, slightly arched back make it one breed that you can easily identify anywhere.

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english bulldog puppies

Key facts About French Bulldogs

French bulldogs were named for their origin story, which says that they were a breed of English toy bulldogs and several unidentified dog breeds. They have distinct features that make them stand out against their English counterparts, such as their pointy, bat ears. French bulldogs are small, cute dogs that are very playful and perfect for being a home pet.  There isn’t much difference between male French bulldogs and female French bulldogs.